Out of darkness comes light

We’re a world-leading designer and manufacturer of traditional and modern lighting for luxury hotels, restaurants and homes, public buildings and super yachts.

For more than a century, our skilled designers and craftsmen have been making and restoring bespoke, high-quality lighting for sites around the world. Today, we’re one of the few UK companies actually producing chandeliers, wall lights, lanterns, table lamps and other unique lighting products in our own factory. Whether it’s a traditional style for a heritage building, something ultra-modern for a contemporary setting – or somewhere in between – we have the experience, knowledge and skills to deliver on brief, on time and on budget.

We work with interior designers who know exactly what they need, and want a trusted partner to deliver it. We also work with designers who need our help to turn their conceptual ideas into beautiful reality. But we occasionally come across clients who’re not sure at all… So, we listen and get under the skin of the project, and use our skill and experience to create designs, schemes and solutions that meet every aesthetic, technical and cost requirement.

Have a look at our videos to see some of our lighting in some rather beautiful settings as well as what interior designers say about working with us.