Think bespoke lighting is too expensive? It may be time to think again

Whether it’s purely for practical purposes, to give a hotel’s entrance the wow factor, or an essential contribution to achieving the design concept, lighting is both essential and fundamental to creating the appropriate ambience. Clearly all hotels are individual and many designers and hotel owners would like to express originality through the fixtures and fittings.

For many bespoke lighting is desirable, but it is often perceived as an expensive option that will exceed their budget. However, this need not be the case. We have worked on many projects where the designers have been pleasantly surprised at how we can recreate light fittings that they have sketched or described at costs that are relatively inexpensive. This can be achieved in a variety of ways. Perhaps with clever engineering we can reduce the number of fittings required to achieve the same lighting effects. Maybe we can substitute a particularly expensive material for an alternative that to all intents and purposes looks the same. Or possibly our skilled craftsmen can produce light fittings that integrate multiple purposes, for example decorative chandeliers hiding emergency lighting, which means that a single fitting meets several requirements.

The fittings we have made can be seen in hotels and restaurants around the world and are all unique. Whether it’s the creative influences adopted, the materials used, the decorative flourishes or the lamps used, all of our lighting is exclusive and handmade in our London factory. We encourage people to visit our facilities so that they can see first-hand how we work. Indeed, they often get the opportunity to meet the person who will be making their lighting.

We sit down with them in our design studio to find out what is really important to them and what they are trying to achieve with the lighting in their hotel. Virtually every project we work on has special requirements and whether it’s a privately owned boutique hotel or the latest iteration of a luxury or mid-range chain, cost is inevitably a factor that needs to be worked around. But that’s rarely a problem that can’t be solved. So next time you are looking at a new scheme, think again about whether bespoke lighting is affordable, talk to us and we’ll see what we can work out.