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Canada House, London

When the Canadian government commissioned large-scale revitalisation of Canada House on Trafalgar Square to bring together all Canadian High Commission staff in a modern, 8,000sqm home and provide a showcase for Canadian art and design, one of its key requirements was to engage suppliers who would provide “quality and appropriateness of interior design”.

To this end Stantec, the Canadian architecture firm with an operation in London, was appointed. Stantec chose Dernier & Hamlyn to provide five of the building’s bespoke light fittings. This short video shows how beautiful they are.

Stantec reviewed our extensive archive and selected beautiful chandeliers as inspiration for subtly redesigned lighting that would give a contemporary twist appropriate to this important heritage building.

Our team produced the 1.5m wide bespoke chandeliers for Canada House’s Trafalgar lobby area. They feature large brass rings and cylinder shades formed from handblown glass and are lit by energy saving, low maintenance LED lamps. The delivery deadline for this project was particularly demanding and beyond question as the chandeliers had to be manufactured and installed by the our team in time for the official reopening of the building by Her Majesty the Queen. Along with a host of imaginative fixtures from Canadian designers, the Dernier & Hamlyn lighting helps to tell the story of Canada here in the United Kingdom, while appropriately referencing the building’s history.

Canada’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, was involved throughout this extensive and significant programme. He says: “It was vital that this project was not only completed on time and on budget but also provided an exemplary response to the heritage concerns. Dernier & Hamlyn contribution was a true example of how the various suppliers worked together to deliver what was needed for this project.”