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City Music Hall, Leeds

Helping Leeds City Varieties to take shape again

As part of a £9.2m project to bring the Grade II Listed music hall Leeds City Varieties Music Hall back to its former splendid style we renovated original light fittings and manufactured new fittings in keeping with late 19th century design.

Our work, in partnership with Theatresearch, included refurbishing four original sunburners and manufacturing a new one in the same style as well as producing new chandeliers, wall lights and ceiling fittings that have been installed throughout Leeds City Varieties’ auditorium, lobbies and bar areas.

Jeremy Quantrill, joint managing director, comments: “Using our extensive lighting information and image archive built up since Dernier & Hamlyn was established in 1888, we produced a range of histrorically accurate light fittings that are fundamental to achieving the correct look and feel for this very important traditional music hall.”