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Luxury Apartment, London

Working with leading design and architecture studio Winch Design, we produced feature chandeliers and pendant fittings that have been installed throughout a 7.500 square-foot, four-bedroom penthouse in Knightsbridge, London.

The owners of this luxury residence overlooking Hyde Park had stayed on board one of the yachts designed by Winch previously. They fell in love with its design and ambience and wanted to incorporate it into their luxury home.

Winch’s head of architecture Simon Tomlinson says: “Our clients were clear about creating an interior that was both deco-inspired and dramatic in terms of colour.”

The bespoke crystal celiling fixture we made for the formal lounge combined all of their aspirations. It comprises thousands of curved triedri glass rods that reflect elements of art deco symmetry and refract the light around the room which resembles a yacht’s chic saloon.

In other rooms, bespoke chandeliers manufactured to Winch Design’s specifications have been installed to produce the desired design language for each area.


Winch Design