Bespoke chandeliers

Bespoke chandeliers: the ultimate in decorative lighting

It’s not surprising that more than 100 bespoke chandeliers are featured on these pages. After all, designing, manufacturing and restoring chandeliers is probably what Dernier & Hamlyn is most famous for.

These days, we do much more besides – and you’ll find our wall lights, lanterns, table lamps and other unique lighting products in hotels, luxury yachts, restaurants, private homes and heritage buildings all over the world.

However, if there is one product that showcases the unique skills and expertise of our designers and craftsmen, then it’s a beautiful chandelier. More than a century of know-how goes into every one; not to mention the finest crystal, metals and modern materials – all hand-crafted in our own UK factory.

You’ll find our chandeliers in the Palace of Westminster and in St Paul’s Cathedral, but also in modern hotels in Abu Dhabi and Baku. Some weigh several tonnes; but some are small enough to provide style and impact in restaurants and private homes.

And because every chandelier is bespoke – or recreated from our extensive archive – they can be traditional for heritage buildings or ultra-modern for a contemporary setting.