​Reproduction: Something old, something new

At Dernier & Hamlyn, we’re often asked to what our greatest challenge is. We’d probably say improving on history – and it’s a challenge we relish. Recreating heritage designs for modern lighting technology is a large and important part of our work these days. We’re also tasked with reproducing original designs – a painstaking process – or creating new fittings that are in keeping with a building’s heritage. More and more, we’re asked to use new materials to give classic designs a modern twist. Whatever the project, we use old photography, drawings and information from our extensive archives (and from other people’s too) to get it just right.

We used a photograph from the 1920s to help create a beautiful chandelier for the Art Deco dining room at Claridge’s.
We re-interpreted 1930s lighting for Twelve Tellers pub/restaurant using sleek nickel lines and opal shades.